How to design flashing in industrial factory (in fact)

As you know, flashing is widely used in industrial projects. How to design flashing is a question many of you ask. There are some popular types of flashing like ridge flashing, gable flashing, and corner flashing. Today we will learn about them

1 How to design ridge flashing

The ridge flashing form a cover over the roofing by anchoring methods vary. Most ridge flashing is anchored by a rivet or screw. The maximum recommended size for ridge flashing is 1,2 meters.

Below is a picture of the actual ridge flashing of the project

ridge flashing 1
ridge flashing

2 How to design gable flashing

Gable flashing is used to cover the roofing and wall. It should match the eave flashing that extends along the drip edge of the roof.

Below is a picture of the actual gable flashing of the project

Gable flashing 1
gable flashing

3 How to design corner flashing

A corner flashing is a type of flashing that is used to protect the corners of a wall from water, wind etc

Below is a picture of the actual corner flashing of the project

how to design flashing
corner flashing

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